Why Find Tomorrow Today?

I’m a mom of teenagers which automatically makes me very uncool.  In fact, just moments ago I was called a “dork” again by my 17-year-old when I told her about this blog.

I remember being 17 and feeling like life happened to me, instead of me controlling my life.  I didn’t thing about what I wanted to do when I grew up (beyond dismissing the medical fields because of  a lack of a bedside manner), nor did I give much thought to college beyond filling out some random applications that appeared in the mail.  Not getting enough financial aid to go to my first choice (NYU) I settled for University of Oregon because it was August and my mom came into my room and was like “Um, are you planning to go to college next month?”

Me at my high school graduation in 1987. Clueless.

Despite the uncoolness factor, youth should know that thinking about the future is one way they can feel like they have any control over their future.  And there are millions of people out there who want teenagers to succeed and live wonderful productive lives.  It behooves us all to inspire youth to great heights.  There are smart people all across the nation and around the world who believe that teenagers are perfectly capable of tremendous things and they provide lots of opportunities for young adults to prove it. My favorite thing to do is search for these opportunities and share them with the people I know.  But once again, my teenagers saved me from terminal dorkdome by warning me that throwing them up on my Facebook page is “too advertise-y”.  So I’m starting “Find Tomorrow Today”.

Lets face it, teenagers are probably not going to subscribe to or vist this blog, so I’m trying to reach parents, teachers and other adults who have influence over young people; adults whose words and thoughts are respected and heard. I’ll compile the myriad of opportunities that are out there to help young people engage in their future: college scholarships, contests, how-to guides, tutorials, classes, workshops–you name it, whatever comes along that would help a young person create a path to their tomorrow. There is also much literature that emphasize the value of doing good work with youth and many resources that can help you do it.  I’ll share information about that too. I hope that people will share these opportunities with their students, their children, mentees, friends of their kids, neighbors, etc.


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