Awesome Apps for. . . Educational Purposes

photo from, user portfolio: twobee

Audrey Watters over at Mind/Shift (KQED) blog regularly reviews and recommends new educational apps (this links to a compilation of her monthly posts).  Most are not free and they are heavily iPhone/iPad centric. (I’m an Android.  Now you know.) However, there are a number of fun free apps and websites in here that your child or student might find enjoyable and they might even learn some things along the way.

Some of the ones that I want to try out are:

History Pin:

Oh, this is amazing.  History Pin is like google maps dearphotograph + timetoast (timeline) = awesomeness.  You upload photos to a location on the map and add your story and the significant date (here is a picture I posted of my dad with his dog in 1927, St. Helens, Oregon).

It looks like at this point there has been a lot of action in Europe, but there are lots of photos in the US as well.  I’m going to set my 8th grade homeschooler to the task of putting up more photos of our family. I’m sure he’s going to enjoy it.

Kill Math: A collection of activities in which you do mathematical things with out abstract symbols, instead using visual and concrete examples.

From the Author of Kill Math:

Kill Math is my umbrella project for techniques that enable people to model and solve meaningful problems of quantity using concrete representations and intuition-guided exploration. In the long term, I hope to develop a widely-usable, insight-generating alternative to symbolic math.

Codea: Coding you can do from your iPad. $7.99 from iTunes.

Tonora: Music that listens to you.  If I studied music and if I had an iPad, I’d be all over this FREE app that allows you to download sheet music, play along, and record and share your performances. I may have practiced my viola a lot more if I’d had this app.  It even turns the pages for you.  I imagine a whole new generation of people saying “in my day, we had to turn the pages ourselves!”.

Here is a demonstration of Tonora:

Enjoy these resources!


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