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Image from the Free Geek website:

Free Geek, inner SE Portland’s leading recycler and re-user of computer equipment has a number of internships that would provide valuable experience and skills for a tech-minded teen.

If you don’t already know about Free Geek, they take donated computers and refurbish them using an army of volunteers who are learning and earning at the same time.  Free Geek donates thousands of computers to non-profits and schools for educational purposes. Their programs are making an impact on closing the “digital divide” between people with access to computers and those without.

Volunteers can complete a Build Program and earn a free computer at the end of their service (you get to build your own). You can also receive your free computer via the Adoption Program  by putting in 24 volunteer hours at various other jobs in the organization (testing components, receiving donations, keeping the place clean and running smoothly).

Internships are more in depth and rigorous than the regular volunteer opportuinities,  requiring knowledge of Linux and other free open-source platforms and a longer commitment. These internships are unpaid but do include a free computer after 24 hours on the job, references and valuable work experience.  Interns will work a set schedule.  These positions are very competitive and anyone over 16 who meets the qualifications is invited to apply.  Free Geek is easily accessible by bus. Good luck!

Free Geek » Internships.


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