Technovation challenge for girls 2013

Registration for this year’s Technovation challenge is open!

This contest aims to engage girls in technology and entrepreneurship by working with small teams (5 girls) of students, and an industry mentor to design, develop and pitch a mobile app. All lessons are on line. Girls can gather friends and a mentor and work at their own pace, although they are expected to complete the challenge in 12 weeks. Students do not need programming experience, they will learn these skills as they go along. Most important is the desire to help the community and to learn how to make it happen with technology.

Technovation is a program of Iridescent Learing, a non-profit bringing science and technology to minority and underrepresented students in California and New York.  Seems like it would do really well in start-up happy Portland. Teams submit videos and the winners are invited to San Francisco for the Big Pitch in San Francisco.


2 thoughts on “Technovation challenge for girls 2013

  1. tarabb

    Maybe one of the adult mentors on the tour this weekend might like to start a team with some iUrban young women — let me know if they do, I’d love to find out how it goes!

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