2013 Annual César E. Chávez Leadership Conference

The annual César E. Chávez Leadership Conference is coming up on March 8, 2013 at Western Oregon University. Along with a day packed with speakers, workshops and inspiration, participants are eligible to apply for contests and scholarships.

Mission of the Leadership Conference: To instill in our Latino(a) youth the value of education, which nurtures mind, body and spirit in order to develop a social consciousness that empowers them as leaders for social justice and civic responsibility in the greater community.

The CECLC is the largest high school student event for Latino students in Oregon. Last year, in excess of 1,500 students, presenters, exhibitors, school staff, volunteers and invited guests attended leadership workshops, college/university fair and listened to distinguished keynote speakers. 65 high schools from Northwest Oregon attend the annual César E. Chávez Student Leadership conference. During the last 22 years, at least 20,000 high school students have been part of this event and, as such have come to know and identify with César E. Chávez and his legacy

Students need to see their counselors at participating schools to register.  A $35 registration fee is due to the conference, although some schools are able to cover the cost or provide scholarships for students in need.  Hurry, because counselors need to turn in information this week.

The conference also sponsors an Art, Essay and Poetry Contest for attendees. Submissions are due January 16.  Winners receive $100-$200.

Students can also apply for aCésar E. Chávez Leadership Conference College Scholarship.  High School Seniors of Latino(a) heritage are invited to apply.  Applications are due January 16, 2013


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