DO-IT: Program, resources and scholarship search for youth with disabilities

DO-IT, Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology, is an organization that works to promote programs that support students with disabilities pursuing post secondary education and careers. They have many resources for students in their Student Lounge – a virtual space with information on schools, community and careers.  While DO-IT is based out of University of Washington and some of their scholarships are for Washington students only, there are plenty of resources for students in any part of the world searching for information and desiring to connect with this active community.

DO-IT Scholars are selected Washington state high school students with disabilities who participate in a variety of activities including career exploration, introduction to adaptive technologies on university campuses and live-in summer campus experiences. The initial deadline for applications has just passed (January 10, 2013), however, applications will be accepted until all spots are filled, with the next review occurring on applications received before January 30, 2013.

Another great resource on the DO-IT website (from this month’s National Girls’ Collaborative Project monthly newsletter):

DO-IT Scholarship Web Page for Youth with Disabilities
An important part of preparing for college is figuring out how to pay for it. DO-IT has a new web page with information about scholarships, including deadlines, award amounts, and eligibility. Using an interactive sorting tool, you can filter scholarships by disability or other criteria.


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