Kid Inventors Day celebrating the birth of Benjamin Franklin January 17

The birthday boy with a hat made of Starburst wrappers and an earring made out of a paper clip.
The birthday boy with a hat made of Starburst wrappers and an earring made out of a paper clip.

My middle child shares a birthday with Benjamin Franklin on January 17. Like his birthday buddy, Kiddo #2 is a tinkerer and a builder. As a matter of fact, he has two projects he is working on right now . . .  I can’t reveal what they are but I can tell you that one of them involves galoshes and the other resulted in me eating lots of pancakes this weekend.  In honor of his upcoming golden birthday — this week he turns 17 on the 17th — here is an invention contest.

I found this contest at which contains links to more invention challenges for elementary and middle-school aged kids as well.  (BTW, Benjamin Franklin invented swimming flippers when he was 17.)

The National Museum of Education is looking for creative students in grades PreK-12 + College who are U.S. students. Enter any idea or invention for a new way to demonstrate an educational concept, an idea for a new product, an improvement for an existing product, a new procedure, or any idea that solves a problem and/or makes life better. This can be simply an idea that is explained and described, an invention that is a prototype, an invention from a school project, or a project from another competition. All ideas are encouraged and a model is not required.

Student Ideas for a Better America is a monthly contest for students grade 9 – college who turn in a simple submission form with a description of their idea. Student agrees to share idea and their likeness for publicity purposes, keep the rights to the idea. Winners receive $100.  New winners are selected each month.


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