Oregon History Rocks Billboard Art Competition

My mom loved the Oregon Historical Society when I was growing up and spent a fair amount of time volunteering and fundraising for them. She meant it fondly when she said it and as a result I will always think of this public asset as “The Oregon Hysterical Society”.  A couple of contests underway are meant to showcase student creativity and bring more young people into the doors of this fun museum.

Students (K-12) in the State of Oregon have until May 14, 2013 to submit entries for the Oregon History Rocks Billboard Art Competition. From the Oregon Historical Society Website (which you should visit because they have awesome photos of old Oregon):

All students in the State of Oregon (Kindergarten through the 12th grade) are invited to participate and submit original artwork to the first Oregon Historical Society and Clear Channel Outdoor billboard competition. We are interested in your version of what rocks about Oregon’s history. The possibilities are nearly endless and limited only by your ability to create a visual representation of “Oregon History Rocks”. Travel back in time…is it a person, place or thing that stands out most to you? We want to see what you think.

Also, a bit late for this year but I will try to track it for next, OHS is sponsoring a Diary Contest, giving out awards for the best journals or diaries kept from October 1, 2012 to September 1,2013.  If you already keep an awesome handwritten diary (so, no, your tumblr page doesn’t count), consider entering. The contest is set to coincide with Portland’s Annual Wordstock Festival, a celebration of the written word held each fall.

And finally, check out the Oregon History Project website, its really fun and provides great resources if you are working on an Oregon history project.


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