Toaster Wars Hacker Competition 2013

One of the most rapidly growing fields we are hearing about these days is Cyber Security. In an effort to get more students interested and involved in this field in which demand already exceeds the supply, Carnegie Mellon students have created a fun contest for high school students (middle school students can also compete although the level is aimed at juniors and seniors) to learn about hacking and hone their skills for the common good.

Toaster Wars is a two week “capture the flag” game in which teams up to 5 students follow instructions and try and uncover flags to post to the game forum. The game follows the adventures of a alien robot that crash lands on earth. Students hack into the robot and reverse engineer the code to discover what mysteries he brings.

Register before April 26 which is when the contest kicks off. Teams need a teacher and an educational institution to register. Homeschool students can register too but may not be eligible for all prizes.

For two weeks, teams participate in an escalating series of challenges. Resources will be provided to teach students the skills and tricks they need to be successful. Check the FAQs to find a list of resources to get started. 


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