Washington State Design Contest for High School Juniors and Seniors

image: By Lamiot (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

We’re going to see a lot more wildlife bridges in the future as civil engineers dream up new ways to lessen the negative impacts of road construction. Washington State Department of Transportation is holding a design contest for high school Juniors and Seniors in Washington State. The winner for the best design for the  I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project wildlife bridge wins a $1500 scholarship. Second prize is $500. From their website:

We are offering a $1500 scholarship to a Washington junior or senior who designs the best wildlife overpass for the location and need within the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project as described below.

In 2014, the design will be finalized for our state’s first wildlife overcrossing. This overcrossing within the Price/Noble Creek Connectivity Emphasis Area of the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project will be constructed as part of Phase 2 construction beginning in 2015. So, now is the time to bring our state’s best minds to the table to ensure our first wildlife overpass is of the highest quality. Therefore, our coalition in coordination with the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is hosting a scholarship competition to high school students that requests their help in designing this wildlife overpass on I-90.

Deadline to apply is May 3, 2013.


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