Bank of America Student Leaders Program Internships — Due January 31, 2014

Applications are open for the 2014 Bank of America Student Leaders program. Bank of America has provided training to over 1800 young leaders since 2004.

Young women leaders
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The program includes a week long leadership training in Washington DC followed by a 7-week paid internship with a non-profit organization. Applicants must be high school juniors or seniors. Applications are due 1/31/2014.

Our Student Leaders program connects young leaders with employment that helps to give them the necessary tools and resources they need to advance. Through the Student Leaders program, we recognize high school juniors and seniors who step outside of the classroom to contribute service in their own communities and beyond. Student Leaders are awarded paid summer internships with local nonprofit organizations and participate in a Student Leadership Summit held in Washington, D.C.

This video clip about the 2013 experience makes me want to be 17 again. The only drawback I can see is they make you wear really unflattering matching outfits. Sigh.

Bank of America Student Leader program


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