CodeDay January 18, 2014 in Portland and Corvallis


CodeDay is a 24 hour code sprint for high school and college students. The next Portland event takes place January 18-19, 2014,  Lasting from noon – noon, you will form teams, pitch an idea, build something awesome, stay up all night, make friends and get swag, win prizes. Students need not have coding experience, as the first part of the day includes a beginner workshop.  My son did this last year when he was 14 and had a great night. He was definitely one of the youngest there and kind of lost on the technical part, but loved the whole event. He didn’t know much about coding but he loved making the pitch and doing the talking and shmoozing.

Learn more about StudentRND, the student run non-profit that started CodeDay. If you don’t live in Portland, CodeDay will be held in 8 US cities, including Corvallis, Seattle, Columbus, Pittsburgh, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The full price to participate is $20.  Register before January 12 for $10.  Well worth it if you want to try an all-nighter with like minded hackers.


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