Airway Science for Kids classes for middle and high school students

“So what did you do this weekend?”

“Oh, I worked on my airplane.”

Whats that you say?

Its true, kids in the Portland metro area are invited to apply to be a part of the Airway Science for Kids, after school and weekend programs for middle and high school students who want to learn all about airplanes. Interested in what keeps airplanes up? How about trying your hand at flight simulation and design/construction techniques? Students will combine classroom learning with hands-on projects including building and airplane alongside highly experienced mentors.

My dad was a pilot, and it definitely opened up the world to me. Primarily, I spent a lot of time pouring over books trying to understand how the plane stayed in the air.  I also got some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to fly around an active (erupting) volcano. The Airway Science for Kids program aims to provide inspiration and foundation for students, especially those from socially and economically disadvantaged families.

Follow along the Teenflight blog to learn more about the activities they are engaged in. Check for applications for the middle school and high school programs.


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