From the Bow Seat 2014 Ocean Awareness Student Contest — Video, Essay, or Art

The Bow Seat’s annual Ocean Awareness Contest give students three different ways to share their thoughts and ideas on one of the most pressing problems in the ocean: plastic.

For this year’s contest, we want you to explore the major questions surrounding ocean plastic pollution. Why is there so much plastic in our oceans? Where does it come from? How does it affect ocean animals and ecosystems? Is this a problem worthy of international attention? Are there alternatives to plastic that could help alleviate the ongoing problem of ocean pollution? How does our “throwaway culture” impact the amount of plastic in our oceans?

You may submit art (with a 250 word artist’s statement), an essay, or a video about your advocacy. Register for the contest online. Submissions in all categories are due June 15, 2014.

Learn more about From the Bow Seat, a documentary filmed off the Maine coast that inspired the contest. The contest is offered with support of the Gulf of Maine Marine Education Association.

Stunning photos from the Plastic Garbage Project:


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