Volunteer for East County Youth Peer Court

Four Cities Peer Court is a program of the east Multnomah County cities of Gresham, Wood Village, Fairview and Troutdale which provides peer mediation for youth accused of certain misdemeanors or violations.

The Four Cities Peer Court is a community partnership for restorative justice involving police departments, the juvenile justice department, and schools in Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview and Wood Village to support, educate, and hold youth accountable in their communities. Peer Court acts as a diversion program that is designed to give youth ages 12-17 with first-time, low-level law violations a chance to repair harm and show accountability for their actions without involvement in the juvenile justice system.

A critical part of the success of the program are the trained youth who act as defense attorneys, prosecutors, baliffs and clerks:

Volunteer as a prosecutor, defense attorney, bailiff, or trial clerk!

  • Earn potential school credit
  • Be a part of something positive and exciting
  • Set the stage for Senior and Service Learning Projects
  • Earn letters of recommendation for college applications
  • Meet new people
  • Learn about the law, legal issues and concepts
  • Receive training and coaching from legal professionals in a real-world legal process
  • Make your community a better place for TEENS!
  • Commit to attend the attorney/ jury training and volunteer 1-2 times a month in a Peer Court proceeding for two hours

Training is provided. Hearings are scheduled 3-4 evenings a month. To learn more about volunteering contact Kim Harvey-Trigoso for more information at kharvey-trigoso@nwfs.org or 503-891-9065.


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