College Scholarships

A huge thanks to the wonderful volunteers at the Grant High School College and Career counseling center in Portland, Oregon who initially compiled these lists. I learned about them through Lori Delman, a Grant parent who brought her expertise to my kid’s school — Benson. We met over Facebook and a mutual interest in helping young people find a path to their future.

If you notice any errors or if dates have changed please let me know and I will pass the corrections along. This was a huge amount of work compiling all of these opportunities. If you have success with any of these scholarships, I’m sure they would love to know how their work made a difference! Drop them a line through the College and Career center.


Art Competitions and Scholarships

Early deadlines: Oct, Nov, Dec Scholarships

Community Service and Leadership

Diversity scholarships

Scholarships related to areas of study

Oregon Public Schools Scholarships

Sports and Athletics


Video submission scholarships


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